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Does Ben and Jerry’s Still Make Phish Food

The famous Ben and Jerry’s ice cream comes in 27 different flavors, but if you’re a Phish fan, you’ll notice that “Phish Food” is one of them. But: does Ben and Jerry’s still make phish food? For the uninitiated, Phish Food is a flavor made by Ben and Jerry’s that has been around for decades, it’s even included in their limited-edition cookbook (that also happens to be a cookbook about Phish).

Yes, Ben andJerry’s Still Makes Phish Food.

The ice cream flavor made famous by the legendary jam band Phish (and their fans) was originally released in 1994. It was re-released in 2015 as part of Ben & Jerry’s new “Flavor Graveyard” of discontinued flavors — but it didn’t stay dead for long.

In 2017, the band announced that they would be holding a reunion concert in New York City’s Madison Square Garden on March 17th and 18th following a 13-year hiatus from touring. The band also invited fans to tweet suggestions for possible future products that could be offered at concessions during the show — including additional flavors of Ben & Jerry’s.

On February 14th, 2019, Ben & Jerry’s announced that they would be releasing a limited-edition batch of Phish Food ice cream for this year’s concerts in New York City and Denver.

According To Ben and Jerry’s, Phish Food Is Still in Production.

Phish Food has been around since 1995 and it’s a fan favorite. It’s a vanilla ice cream with fudge fish-shaped chunks and a caramel swirl. The flavor was originally supposed to be called “Peanut Butter Cup,” but Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield changed their minds when they realized the flavor wasn’t peanut buttery enough.

The chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream that was released in 2016 is also made with real chocolate chips. The cookies are baked before they’re added to the ice cream mix so they can absorb some of the liquid and become soft as part of the process.

Ben and Jerry’s said in 2013 that they were no longer going to make musical flavors, but they did offer up one more batch of Phish Food: one scoop of Phish Food on top of another scoop of Half Baked — another limited-edition flavor from back in 2000 — which is described as “chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream with fudge fish-shaped chunks & brownie batter swirl.”

In 1997, Phish Food Was the First Flavor To Be Released That Was Named After A Popular Band.

Ben and Jerry’s released its first flavor named after a band in 1997. That was the same year Phish Food hit the shelves, and it was the first time that Ben and Jerry’s had ever released a flavor named after a musical act. It was also the first year that Ben and Jerry’s partnered with another company.

Phish Food has been popular since its release, and even though other bands have received their own flavors since then, Phish Food remains one of the best-selling flavors of all time.

In fact, Ben and Jerry’s still makes this classic flavor today. You can find it in grocery stores across the country and online at places like Amazon or Walmart if you don’t live near an actual Ben & Jerry’s store.

The original recipe for Phish Food is made with sweet cream ice cream, marshmallow swirls and chocolate-covered vanilla wafers shaped like fish scales (hence the name). The candy coating comes from Hershey’s chocolate syrup, which gives it its trademark brown coloration (although some people say it looks more like vomit than fish scales).

Phish Food Is Still So Popular That It’s Ranked as The 5th Best Selling Flavor Out Of All Those Sold By Ben And Jerry’s.

Ben and Jerry’s have been making ice cream for more than 35 years now, and it’s still going strong. The company is known for its creative flavors that aren’t limited to the usual chocolate and vanilla, but some of their most popular choices are the ones that have been around since the beginning.

One of these is Phish Food — named after a band called Phish — which is a vanilla ice cream with marshmallow swirls and fudge fish (aka chocolate chunks). You might not think that the combination would work, but you’d be wrong. It’s incredibly tasty!

The flavor was created in 1991 by Ben Cohen, who had been playing guitar with Phish for a few years before he formed his own company with Jerry Greenfield (who had worked at an ice cream stand). The first batch sold out within 24 hours of being available at their local grocery store.

Phish Food is still so popular that it’s ranked as the 5th bestselling flavor out of all those sold by Ben and Jerry’s. That’s remarkable given that there are more than 40 options available each year!

Although The Ice Cream Isn’t Going Anywhere, The Famous Band Made It Official.

Ben and Jerry’s is set to release a new flavor in honor of the legendary rock band Phish.

The Vermont-based ice cream company announced on Monday that it will be bringing back its popular “Phish Food” flavor in August.

But the ice cream isn’t going anywhere — even though the famous band made it official that they weren’t going to get back together or play anymore shows together in August 2004. The band has been involved with Ben & Jerry’s since 1997, when they first introduced their own flavor.

Ben & Jerry’s will also be donating $50,000 to WaterWheel Foundation, which was founded by members of Phish and supports environmental programs like clean water access, according to a news release from Ben & Jerry’s.

This is not the first time that Ben & Jerry’s has collaborated with musicians for limited edition flavors; the company has released flavors created by Bonnaroo and Dave Matthews Band as well.


As you can see, Ben and Jerry’s still make Phish Food. The flavors will remain the same, at least for now, and stores should still be carrying it–but it will look different than normal. Still, despite the changes time has brought, everyone can enjoy this classic ice cream flavor…well, almost everyone. That’s because anyone under the age of 10 cannot order Phish Food.