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How Many Protein Shakes a Day Should I Drink?

Protein shakes are one of the most simple, convenient and cost-effective ways to supplement your diet. Ingesting high quality protein through tasty protein shakes is a simple way to ensure optimal nutrition for the body.

You’ve read about the benefits of protein shakes before, yes it helps with muscle growth, it’s healthy for you, and can increase your metabolism. But the next most important question is how many protein shakes do you really need to drink per day?

One of the first things to take into consideration is the amount of protein you will be needing in each day, but more importantly how many times you should be getting that protein. So here is the perfect answer.

You should drink protein shakes twice a day. 2 Protein shakes per day with 25 grams of protein in each serving is good enough to maintain and grow healthy body weight. You will get 50 grams of protein from 2 protein shakes.

But if your goal is to gain muscle 3 shakes per day is better for you. But don’t exceed that limit and get protein from foods too. Don’t only relay on protein shakes.

How Many Protein Shakes a Day Should You Drink?

The answer to this question depends on the type of protein shake you’re drinking. If you’re consuming whey or plant-based protein powders (such as pea protein), then drinking one shake a day is sufficient. However, if you’re using casein or egg-based powders, then 2 or 3 shakes may be needed to provide your body with adequate protein.

If you are trying to lose weight, then 1 shake per day is sufficient since it will not cause any significant weight gain. However, if you are trying to gain muscle mass and strength, then more than 1 shake per day is needed to help your body build muscle tissue and increase your metabolism so that your body can burn more fat throughout the day.

If your goal is to build muscle, then you should drink around 2-3 protein shakes per day. If you are trying to lose weight, then you will want to drink 1-2 shakes per day. It’s not necessary to drink a protein shake every day, but if you’re looking for ways to get more protein into your diet, it can be a helpful tool.

When’s The Best Time to Drink Protein Shakes?

For most people, the best time to drink protein shakes is after your workout. This will help you build muscle and strength faster. Protein shakes can be a great way to get the nutrients you need. They’re convenient, quick and easy to make. And if you drink them after a workout, they can help your body recover from exercise

However, there are some other times when it may be beneficial to drink a protein shake:

  • If you’ve missed a meal or two and need something quick and easy to eat. Protein shakes can be an excellent way of getting back on track without having to spend time cooking.
  • If you have a busy schedule, it can be hard to eat consistently throughout the day. In this case, drinking a protein shake may be helpful.
  • You can drink protein shakes at any time of day, but you’ll get the most benefit from drinking them before or after your workout.
  • If you’re not working out in the morning, it’s probably best to consume your shake right after waking up or before bedtime. This way, you’ll have been fasting overnight. while also giving yourself an energy boost first thing in the morning.

How Much Protein is Ideal for Your Age and Activity Level?

The best way to know how much protein you need is by measuring your body weight, height and activity level. The recommended daily allowance of protein is 0.8 grams per kilogram (or 0.36 grams per pound) of body weight.

Here’s how much protein you need based on your age and physical activity level:

Age Protein needs (g/day)

19-24 years old 0.82  

25-34 years old 0.8  

35-44 years old 0.79  

45-54 years old 0.73  

55-64 years old 0.66  

65+ years old 0.6

Activity Level:

Sedentary (little or no exercise): 1 – 1.2 grams per pound of body weight per day.

Lightly Active (exercise 3 – 5 days a week): 1.2 – 1.7 grams per pound of body weight per day.

Moderately Active (exercise 6 – 7 days a week): 1.7 – 2 grams per pound of body weight per day.

Very Active (exercise daily, hard physical labor job): 2 – 3 grams per pound of body weight.

How Many Meals Should You Replace with Protein Shakes?

The answer depends on your goals, but generally speaking, it’s best to replace 1-2 meals with a protein shake. If you’re trying to lose weight, replacing 1-2 meals a day with protein shakes can be an effective way to curb hunger and get in your daily protein intake.

If you’re trying to build muscle, replacing one meal with a protein shake will help you reach your daily macronutrient needs while still allowing you to get enough calories for growth. As long as you’re not replacing more than two meals per day with protein shakes, there’s no harm in using them as meal replacements.

There are a few different ways to look at this. If you’re trying to replace one meal with a protein shake, it may be helpful to consider the following:

  • Protein shakes have about 20 grams of protein per serving, depending on the brand and type of shake.
  • One meal contains about 20 grams of protein, so if you replaced one meal with a protein shake, you would get half of your daily requirement for protein in one sitting.
  • If you want to replace two meals with protein shakes, then you’ll need two servings in order to get 100 percent of your daily requirement for protein.

Note: Using protein shakes as a meal replacement cannot reduce your hunger. Sure your can replace 2 meals with protein shakes but that doesn’t mean you can skip carbohydrates and other nutrients. You will still need snacks and other foods. Protein shakes will only replace the protein requirement of the meal, not the entire meal.

How Long Can You Do a Protein Shake Diet?

The answer depends on several factors including how much weight you need to lose and what kind of exercise regime you follow. For example, if you are trying to lose just 5 pounds then you could probably go on a protein shake diet for a few weeks without any problems whatsoever.

However, if you need to lose 30 pounds then the results may not be as good after just a couple weeks or even months of following such a strict diet plan. You might also experience some side effects such as fatigue and other health issues.

The problem with most protein shake diets is that they’re only effective for a few days or weeks. Most people who attempt these diets fail within a few days or weeks because they get bored and start eating again, or they just eat too much food and stop losing weight altogether.

Protein shake diet with healthy snacks that can kill your unhealthy cravings is extremely beneficial especially if you are looking to lose weight. Therefore, you can do protein shake diet for 1 or 2 weeks or even longer. But don’t forget the main purpose of protein shake diet is to consume shakes to deal with unhealthy cravings, so you can lose weight.

Is it OK to Drink Protein Shakes Every Day?

You should use Protein shakes as a supplement to your diet, not as a meal replacement. Protein shakes are a convenient way to get the right nutrients in your body, especially if you don’t have time to sit down and eat during the day. But is it safe to drink them every day?

The answer is 100% yes. You can drink protein shakes every day. There is no harm in it. But it is also recommend getting protein from foods. Don’t solely rely on protein shakes. It’s safe to drink protein shakes every day. But there are some things you should consider if you’re trying to lose weight or build muscle.

Here are the pros and cons of drinking protein shakes every day:

  • Protein shakes can help with weight loss, but they’re not magic.
  • If you’re trying to lose weight, drinking a protein shake in addition to eating regular meals can help you lose more weight faster than just dieting alone.
  • Protein is an important nutrient for building and maintaining muscle mass, so as you lose fat, your body will try harder to keep your muscles from wasting away.
  • Drinking a protein shake can also help prevent hunger pangs by keeping you feeling full longer.

Cons of Protein shakes

  • Drinking too many protein shakes could cause health problems.
  • While it’s true that most people can probably handle drinking one or two protein shakes a day without any negative side effects, drinking more than that could cause some serious problems.
  • For example, if you’re getting all of your daily calories from a combination of milk and supplements such as whey protein isolate or casein hydrolysate instead of food sources rich in vitamins and minerals like fruits and vegetables, this could lead to vitamin deficiencies over time as well as other health issues like osteoporosis.


Drinking protein shakes every day is totally fine. However, it’s important to remember that these are supplements, not replacements for whole foods. Protein is meant to be consumed alongside health-promoting fats (including animal fats) and carbs from whole food sources instead of in isolation.