Imperfect Foods Review

Imperfect Foods Review is the solution to most of your dietary struggles. This company aims to provide only natural foods for your everyday life. There are no GMO products included nor any synthetic items such as preservatives, flavour additives or other non-natural components which could cause harm to one’s health and wellness.

Imperfect Foods Sends You Food That Is “Imperfect”, Meaning It Didn’t Meet the Aesthetic Standard But Is Still Perfectly Fine To Eat.

Imperfect Foods sends you food that is “imperfect”, meaning it didn’t meet the aesthetic standard but is still perfectly fine to eat. It’s a subscription box service for those who love to eat but don’t always want to pay full price for their groceries.

The company was founded in 2015 by Anna Jones, a chef and cookbook author from London. She created Imperfect Foods after noticing a lot of wasted food being thrown away, which led her to think about how much money she and her family were throwing away on groceries every month.

With Imperfect Foods, you can get all the good stuff at a fraction of the price! The subscription costs $29 per month and includes 3-5 items such as fruit and vegetables, dairy products, meat products, baked goods and more!

Not Only Do They Help You Save Money, But They Help Reduce Food Waste.

Imperfect Foods is a startup that’s doing good in the world. Their mission is to reduce food waste and feed more people.

Their website offers a listing of various fruits, vegetables, and other foods that are perfectly fine to eat despite their imperfections. Not only do they help you save money, but they help reduce food waste.

It’s very easy to get caught up in the idea of perfection when it comes to food; however, there are many fruits and vegetables that are perfectly edible despite having some blemishes on them. The Imperfect Food website has a listing of various foods that are considered “imperfect” by grocery stores or other retailers because of how they look or how much they weigh, but you can still eat them without any problems at all!

You Can Get Things Like Wonky Peppers, Misshapen Avocados, And Even Applesauce With A Few Brown Spots for A Fraction of The Cost.

Imperfect Foods is a unique online marketplace that connects farmers, sellers and buyers. The company was founded by three friends from college who were tired of seeing perfectly good produce go to waste because it wasn’t the “perfect” size or shape.

The idea for Imperfect Foods came about when the founders were working at a startup in Silicon Valley. They noticed that many farms were having problems selling their produce because it didn’t meet certain cosmetic standards.

You can get things like wonky peppers, misshapen avocados, and even applesauce with a few brown spots for a fraction of the cost.

Imperfect Foods curates’ local growers and retailers who can offer these products at lower prices than their counterparts at grocery stores or farmers markets.

You Can Add or Remove Items from Your Box As Needed Or Skip Weeks If You Don’t Need Anything.

Imperfect Foods is a subscription box that offers you the chance to try new and different foods. You can add or remove items from your box as needed or skip weeks if you don’t need anything.

The company was started by two friends who were tired of going to restaurants and not being able to try new things because everything was cooked so well. They wanted to be able to try foods that were less-than-perfectly-ripe and get rid of the waste.

They started by sending out boxes once a week, but now they do it every other month. There’s no minimum order amount per box, but there’s also no way to get free shipping if you order less than $35 worth of food each time (which means buying two boxes for one person would cost about $140).

Their Website Is Easy to Navigate and Figure Out What Works Best For You.

Imperfect Foods is a company that delivers 100% non-GMO, organic and raw foods to your doorstep. They have a wide variety of foods including cereals, snacks, beverages and more. They have many different subscription options including the monthly plan which costs $19.99 per month or the yearly plan which costs $159.99 per year with free shipping. You can also try their products out before committing to a purchase by ordering just one box or you can order multiple boxes at once.

Their website is easy to navigate and figure out what works best for you. It’s very easy to find specific products like granola bars or juices by simply searching for them as well as finding new products based on what you already love from Imperfect Foods! The layout of the website makes it easy for all users to get around with ease!

The quality of their products speaks for itself! I tried the Dark Chocolate Chunk Granola Bar and it was absolutely delicious! It had a great texture with chunky chocolate pieces throughout that added an extra crunchy texture that made it even more delicious! The flavor was also amazing because it wasn’t too sweet but still had enough sweetness in it so that it didn’t taste bland at all!

If You’re Looking to Reduce Your Environmental Footprint And Save Some Money At The Same Time, Imperfect Foods Is Probably A Good Choice For You.

Imperfect Foods is a service that allows you to buy food that would normally be wasted. The company saves the food from going to waste, and then sells it to customers at a discount. This prevents the food from being thrown away and helps reduce the carbon footprint of Imperfect Foods.

The company has been around since 2017, but it recently expanded its services by adding a second warehouse in Austin, Texas. This means that the company now has a larger supply of imperfect produce, which means more savings for customers.

How Does Imperfect Food Work?

Imperfect Food works by selling edible items that would normally be thrown away because they’re not perfect enough for grocery stores. For example, if a tomato has an extra bump or two on its skin, it might not make it onto store shelves — but at Imperfect Food, these tomatoes will still be sold at a discount.

The company also sells bruised avocados and bananas with brown spots on them — which are usually tossed out because they don’t look as good as they could be. These bruised fruits might not look amazing to most people, but they still taste delicious!


Imperfect Food is an innovative company with a high-impact goal: to eliminate the $165 billion worth of food wasted in America every year. What’s great about Imperfect Food is that their product offers quality, sustainable food at no extra cost. Their primary source of revenue comes not from individuals but from the big food companies themselves; these large companies pay Imperfect Foods for their produce and then sell it in supermarkets at normal prices. Imperfect Food gives Americans better control over what goes into their bodies, while offering better options for the planet.