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What is the Age Limit for Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness has a variety of ways for people to work out and participate. Whether it be working with heavier weights or weight lifting with others, members are encouraged to choose their own activities as part of their workouts.s

Parents or Legal Guardian Permission is required for Teens from age 13 to 15 to join Planet Fitness. You need to be 13 years old to join Planet Fitness.

To access a Planet Fitness location, you must be age 13 or older

If you are under the age of 18, you must have your parent or guardian sign the Membership Agreement and Membership Policy Waiver on your behalf. This can be done in person at any Planet Fitness location. If you are under the age of 18, you must also have your parent or guardian present with you at the time of sign up to complete the required forms.

The parent or guardian who signs on behalf of an individual under 18 years old is responsible for all fees associated with that membership account and must also agree to this agreement and waiver as if they were signing it themselves.

Planet Fitness memberships can be used at any of their 1,500+ locations across the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico

Planet Fitness is the home of the $10 gym membership. The company offers affordable prices on gym memberships, day passes and more. According to Planet Fitness’s website, the company is committed to making fitness affordable and accessible to everyone.

How Much Does a Planet Fitness Membership Cost

  • $10 Gym Membership – This includes access to all Planet Fitness locations and free tanning bed access with no monthly commitment. There are no initiation fees or cancellation fees either! You can cancel anytime with no penalty. You also have access to unlimited group fitness classes for free as part of this membership option.
  • $19 Non-Locker Gym Membership – This includes access to all Planet Fitness locations but does not include free tanning bed access or group fitness classes for free as part of your membership fee like the $10 gym membership does.

You will have an assigned locker space in each location where you can store your belongings before and after each workout session as well as a towel service which will clean up your equipment after each use so that it’s ready

What are the benefits of being a member of Planet Fitness

  • Planet Fitness is a low-cost, no-frills gym that offers its members access to a wide range of exercise equipment. The company has more than 1,300 locations in North America and New Zealand. The company’s facilities are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week so you can work out when it’s convenient for you.
  •  Planet Fitness also offers an online membership option that allows you to use the gyms’ amenities from home or on the road.
  • As a member, you’ll receive two free personal training sessions each month at no additional cost. You can also choose from one of several different membership plans that offer discounted rates on memberships and personal training sessions. Planet Fitness offers discounts on other services like tanning and massage therapy, too.

Kids under 18 are not permitted to use any Planet Fitness location unless they are accompanied by an adult

Planet Fitness is a health club chain that has locations across the country. The company offers a variety of membership plans and services, including 24/7 access to its gyms. This policy applies to children of all ages, regardless of whether they are enrolled in school.

In general, kids should stay away from gyms until they are at least 14 years old because they may not be physically or emotionally ready for it. Kids who do join Planet Fitness should be active in sports or other physical activities outside of the gym so that they can better handle being inside one.

The adult must remain on the premises while the child is working out

If he or she leaves, the child will not be allowed to work out alone. Planet Fitness also has a policy that prohibits children from using the locker room alone. In addition, Planet Fitness has a policy for guests under 18 years of age that states:

“At this time, we do not allow minors in our clubs without an adult. We are looking into ways we can better accommodate this request and appreciate your patience as we work through this process.” Planet Fitness has a strict dress code that prohibits any type of clothing that could be considered offensive.

The Planet Fitness dress code has changed over time, but it is generally lax and allows customers to wear whatever they want. However, as with most gyms, there are some rules to follow when you visit Planet Fitness. When you visit Planet Fitness, follow their dress code and rules.

What Are the Rules for Visiting Planet Fitness

When you visit Planet Fitness, follow their dress code and rules. The company’s website states that they prohibit “extremely baggy clothing” and tank tops, muscle shirts or other shirts that display inappropriate messages or images.”

It also states that any type of sports jersey is not allowed in the gym unless it’s a professional sports team jersey. Additionally, Planet Fitness prohibits any type of headgear in the gym including hats or headphones.


Planet Fitness is open to both men and women of all ages. This flexibility allows individuals to go to Planet Fitness and get the full experience while getting their workouts in. A normal gym membership may be a little bit easier, but this way helps you go at your own pace and avoid any unwanted situations that may arise. Planet Fitness is mainly designed for those who want to stay fit the healthy way and not the other way around.

Care has been taken in making sure that customers are not in any danger or discomfort when visiting Planet Fitness locations. Customers should make sure that they follow the dress code and rules of conduct at all facilities as well as try to be flexible with fellow gym members/trainers.


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